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Samantha Monaco

Fantasy Module

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Hi everyone! Here is all of my pieces of the Fantasy Module.


Both of the readings were great reads. Below are my annotations.


Do you think that fantasy and science fiction books, like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and the hundreds of age appropriate books and series, should be a part of standard curriculum or read as optional pleasure/summer reading books?

Answer: I do believe that these books should be a part of standard curriculum. As we have learned throughout this module, Fantasy and Science Fictions books are very important to students learning and could engage some criticial thinking. They incorporate many literacy skills that are crucial to the language/reading development of individuals. One suggestion that I would have though, would be to offer a selection of books for students to choose from. I don't believe that there should be mandated ones without choice. As we all know, students learn better and feel better when they're given a say in their learning. Especially a genre such as this one where students get to really be free and see adventure. This is critical for students especially at the younger age when they're all about imaginiation. Students could also choose to read them over the summer for pleasure/summer reading books as they wished.

Would you assign and teach fantasy and sci-fi books in your middle school/ high school classroom? If yes, explain why and which book(s) would you assign and to what grade? If no, explain why and what type of books would you focus on instead?

Answer: Yes, I would 100% assign and teach fantasy and science fiction books in my middle school/high school classroom. As I've mentioned, this genre has many benefits to students and it allows imagination for students. This genre allows students to explore and be adventorous, something that many students of this age group enjoy doing. For students at this age, they should be able to choose from a wide variety of genres and this genre might be one that interests them. I would most likely do a unit on this genre because I feel as though it isn't one that students know a lot about. Some examples of books that I would assign would be:

  • "Blade of Fire" by Stuart Hill. (Grade 7) "Medea, the couple's cold-hearted, fifteen-year-old daughter, who's just coming into her magical powers, may be the downfall of the kingdom." Magical powers are something that really grab students interest. We all know we wished or even pretended that we had magic powers at one point or another!
  • "Evil Star" by Anthony Horowitz. (Grade 6) "His fate — and the fate of the world — is tied to four other kids across the globe." This would really interest students. The introduction is one that would catch students ears and could intrigue them. 
  • "InkHeart" by Cornelia Funke. (Grade 7): "But her father has a deep secret — he posseses an extraordinary magical power." I would use this book because I believe it has an extremely interesting factor to it. It speaks of a magical power which would interest students.


My fantasy world. My fantasy world is one of many hopes and dreams. In my fantasy world, there would be endless amounts of dogs, money and I would live on an island. I would enjoy a world full of these things because they're all my favorite. Dogs are my favorite animals and I would love to be surrounded by as many of them as possible! Not having to worry about money would be another stress reliever! Lastly, I would love to live on an island because there were always be plenty of beautiful weather and relaxtion (something that we're not used to here). Here are some pictures that would portray my fantasy world: