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I enjoyed the fable you chose about the dog carrying the meat. I have never heard that one before but thought it was great! I like how you altered the story to make the fable have a positive moral. Teaching students too think of others is a very important value to learn. Most fables I know teach morals of poor behavior missing out on something and learning from that experience. Your fable included a character that already had the positive behavior and was a good way to exemplify it. Well done!

I liked in your writing task how you talked about the imagery of the story. I too found it very effective in portraying the message. The question you came up with for students about the fable were really good. In particular I like your third question “How did it make him feel when he failed to reach the grapes?”. This question has students having to think of the characters emotions and place themselves in the characters “shoes” so to speak. This question promotes empathy, which is a quality that so many people lack and fable often try to teach. Over all, great job with the fable module. I hope you enjoyed it.


Margaret Johnson, Apr 27 2016 on